Cofán Indians’ Monitoring of Freshwater Turtles in Zábalo,

The Cofán Indians of Aguarico and Zábalo Rivers in Ecuador in 1990 The experience gained by the Zábalo monitors is now serving as a model

to explosive activity at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador)

BoT1 Correlation between SO2 fluxes and acoustic energy related to explosive andesitic stratovolcano located in the southern part of the Ecuadorian volcani

BrO/SO2 ratios from Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador

Variations of the BrO/SO2 ratios from Tungurahua volcano, EcuadorIn order to still obtain robust BrO/SO2 ratios at Tungurahua, it is

2006 eruptions of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador Geophysical

In Ecuador we are evaluating proposed large-scale, fast-tracked metal miningmonitors in the four watersheds of the Peruvian Amazon basin where

volcano (Ecuador) using SO2 and seismo-acoustic measurements

It is located in Central Ecuador, 160 km South of Quito and 8 km SouthThe monitor- ing network is constituted by 5 short period and 5 broadband

ruizcórdova s - Global water watch in the Andes

Forty-three citizens in Ecuador and eleven in Peru have become certified water quality monitors. Under sponsorship of UNORCAC, SANREM's partner in the

Seismicity and SO2 Degassing at Cotopaxi Volcano (Ecuador)

New Insights into the Seismicity and SO2 Degassing at Cotopaxi Volcano (Ecuador) During the 2015 Unrest and Eruptive PeriodSilvana Hidalgo

Estimation of Voltage Sags from a Limited Set of Monitors in

Estimation of Voltage Sags from a Limited Set of Monitors in Power Systemsbusbar test system and the transmission network of Ecuador with 357 busbars

Perspectives on Spain and Ecuador. The Cases of #15M and #30

the State which intervenes, legislates, monitors or blocks the communication.d'etat on September 30, 2010 in Ecuador and the 15M movement in Spain


Simulation results were consistent with different gravity conditions affecting to the fluid viscosity and the blades weight, as well as with differences in


Lahar Early Warning Systems based on Acoustic Flow Monitors in Ecuador, Conference Paper · January 2006 Conference: Cities On Volcanoes 4, At Quito,

non-eruptive gas emissions of Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador)

PDF | Cotopaxi is an active ice-capped stratovolcano (5898 m a.s.l.) located in the central part of the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Andes, 60


The article focuses on the economic potential of Ecuador in its product markets. It notes that latent demand or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.)

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Degassing patterns of Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) during the

(Aug. 1999–Oct. 2006) of SO2 gas measurementsongoing eruption of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador. Fromfrom convective magma overturning in the conduit